BREAKING: Top Liberal Anchor Quits MSNBC Over ‘Hyper-Partisan’ News Coverage

MSNBC anchor Kendis Gibson is leaving the far-left cable network for a major-market local TV station — and he’s calling it like he sees it on the way out.

The liberal anchor told entertainment-industry publication Variety that he was joining Miami’s WFOR-TV because he wanted to leave the “hyper-partisan 24/7 political news space.”

According to Variety, Gibson started as a weekend anchor on MSNBC in January of 2019 after leaving ABC News. His previous experience included stints at CBS News and CNN.

He’ll now host the morning and 12 p.m. news on WFOR, a CBS affiliate. They announced he was joining the station on Jan. 18.

“We are pleased to welcome Kendis to CBS Miami and have him join our outstanding team of journalists,” said Darryll Green, vice president and general manager for CBS Miami.

“His extensive experience at both the network and local level, along with his passion for news and community service will make him a great addition to our newsroom as well as our South Florida community.”

That said, going from national TV to a local station, no matter how big the market is, is usually seen as a step down for an anchor. So why did he do it?

“I wanted to get away from working in the hyper-partisan 24/7 political news space,” Gibson told Variety.

“This is a good chance to anchor a newscast that covers the full gamut of the news cycle which I love, including world news, entertainment news, human interest stories and stories important to local communities — and in an awesome city with a big commitment to local news from the top down.”

That statement is telling for a number of reasons.

Gibson wasn’t part of the punditry brigade at MSNBC. He wasn’t a Rachel Maddow or Joy Reid type, kept on the network for the ability to peddle pure opinion at high volume for long periods.

He anchored the early morning newscasts on MSNBC — what’s supposed to be the objective, just-the-facts portion of the network’s broadcast day. That was too “hyper-partisan” for him, which tells you how MSNBC treats objectivity.

Notice, too, Gibson said the move allows him to “anchor a newscast that covers the full gamut of the news cycle.” The implication, by comparison, is that MSNBC doesn’t.

Gibson’s resume (ABC, CBS, CNN) speaks to his liberal bona fides. This isn’t a covert conservative or someone pining to work at Fox News.

When even he realizes MSNBC is too far gone into the the “hyperpartisan … news space” for his liking, that speaks volumes.