Bill Clinton to appear at international peace awards; Hillary not included

The 2022 International Peace Honors will feature one Clinton — and one Clinton only.

In a press release, PeaceTech Lab announced the former president would be among the those featured at their International Peace Honors on Sunday. 

“The global event pays tribute to the work of global leaders in compassion, innovation, and change-making to advance peace, prosperity, and justice around the world,” the release read.

The event is to be hosted by actress Rosario Dawson with performances by Italian group Il Volo and Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca.

Clinton was one of four named individuals who will be making appearances.

Tawakkol Karman — a Yemeni peace activist and Nobel Peace Laureate — internet co-inventor Vint Cerf and Misty Copeland, the principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater, will also be part of the ceremony.

The awards will honor, among others, “actor, director and activist Forest Whitaker; chairman of MasterCard, Ajay Banga; humanitarian and musician Juanes, former IBM Vice President of Innovation and Technology Nicholas Donofrio, creator of ‘Humans of New York,’ Brandon Stanton; indigenous activist and environmentalist Tokata Iron Eyes; and the president & CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, Dr. Lisa Su.”

“To have such a legendary group of people, who in their own right, have made an outstanding impact in philanthropy, the arts, and society as a whole, and who understand the personal sacrifices required of each of our honorees to create change, is beyond anything we could have hoped for,” said MariaEsmeralda Paguaga, executive producer of the awards.

“I’m elated to count with their support and look forward to a memorable and inspiring ceremony.”

“It is truly humbling to have the support of such visionaries and role models for this year’s International Peace Honors. My hope is that their example ignites a flame within each one of us– knowing we can make a difference with the technology found in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, and places of work. That is the power and promise of peacetech,” stated Sheldon Himelfarb, president and CEO of PeaceTech Lab.

“This is Generation PeaceTech.”

It’s unclear from the press release how Clinton is supposed to exemplify “Generation PeaceTech.”

The most enduring move for “peace” made during Clinton’s administration was the signing of the Oslo Accords between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in 1993.

The State Department’s Office of the Historian concedes on its website, however, that Clinton’s administration “played a limited role in bringing the Oslo Accord into being” and that “[b]y the time Clinton left office … the peace process had run aground, and a new round of Israeli-Palestinian violence had begun.”

Clinton also intervened with questionable levels of efficacy in the Balkans and Somalia, and failed to act to stop the Rwandan genocide. This, apparently, grants him entry into the upper echelon of “Generation Peacetech,” whatever that may be.

At least he qualified, however. We can’t say the same for Hillary.