Biden’s Supreme Court commission is considering term limits for justices

Nothing good can come from Biden’s politically motivated Supreme Court commission.

As such, it’s not surprising that the commission is coming up with some hair-brained ideas. Fox reports:

A commission appointed by President Biden to consider structural changes to the Supreme Court is holding a public meeting on Friday.

Ahead of that meeting, the bipartisan panel of judicial experts released a set of “discussion materials” that appeared to show the commission’s interest in imposing term limits on Supreme Court justices. 

And the materials, which can be considered a draft ahead of a final report the commission is scheduled to release next month, also spotlighted “profound disagreement among commissioners” over whether there should be an expansion in the number of high court justices.

The intense speculation of what the commission will propose is the latest chapter in the debate over whether to make fundamental changes to the nation’s highest court. 

This won’t be good. Our nation was built on the principle of separation of powers. Biden is trying to control the Supreme Court – that won’t end well.