Biden’s End – DOJ ATTACKS – Civil War Announcement

1) Inflation is Biden’s End. David Harsanyi writes:

Biden has waved away inflation concerns on numerous occasions, once arguing that “no serious economist” was suggesting that “unchecked inflation” was on the way. This was four months ago. We are now in our sixth month of historic spikes.

For retirees, inflation means instant wealth destruction. For everyone else, it means immediate hikes in the cost of living. Consumer prices, led by energy and food prices, have increased 5.4% overall since last year, which is the largest increase since 1991.

Perhaps Biden, unmoored from economic reality, will tell us that higher energy costs are actually good for the economy. But it’s hard to think of anything more unpopular with the electorate than paying a lot for gas or food, high-class problem or not.

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2) Biden’s DOJ Is Going After Parents. Katie Pavlich writes:

Now that leftist Democrats are back in control of the Department of Justice, they’re acting in typical fashion by using the federal government as a weapon against their political enemies. 

This time Attorney General Merrick Garland is targeting regular, everyday parents opposed to public school boards indoctrinating their children. 

Parents aren’t engaged in “harassment” or “intimidation.” Instead, they are simply engaged in holding public school officials accountable for indoctrinating their children with pornographic images and hate-fueled CRT. Parents showing up to verbally question and criticize public school officials isn’t “violence” or “intimidation.” It’s their right and duty to do so, especially as taxpayers into the public school system.

Precedent shows a Democrat-controlled DOJ, now led by Garland and his radical associates, intends to intimidate and bully parents into silence. Given the power the department has to negatively impact the lives of everyday citizens — in this situation concerned parents simply petitioning their public officials — there’s no doubt Garland is abusing his power for the sake of a leftist political agenda. Unfortunately for him, parents don’t have plans to back down and they intend to win this fight.

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3) America is caught in a “cold” civil war. Jacob Siegel writes:

America is caught in a “revolutionary spiral”. An oligarchy composed of a small number of corporate and government rulers may be in control, but they face opposition from Rednecks clutching at guns and God, working-class peasants of colour resistant to polygender empowerment doctrines and vaccine mandates, and the fact that roughly half of the US population has so far refused to submit to their rule.

These groups can’t influence policies at Amazon and the Pentagon, or other undemocratic bodies at America’s commanding heights. But locally they still have the power to refuse orders from the managerial janissaries who carry out the oligarchy’s bidding.

Pretensions of democracy aside, this is the real political landscape in the US, argued the American scholar of statecraft Angelo Codevilla. The oligarchy demands complete submission, the locals refuse, each party grants itself greater licence in what is permitted to defeat the other and the country spirals toward revolutionary violence. Codevilla, who last month died aged 78 near his vineyards in California, termed it a “cold civil war”.

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