Biden SURRENDERS – Shocking Hillary Photos – Bad News For Vaccines

Joe Biden isn’t evacuating Afghanistan – he’s surrendering it. Michael Godwin of the New York Post writes:

Neville Chamberlain can rest easy. He is no longer the most shameful appeaser in modern history.

Joe Biden is the new champion of cowards.

Biden didn’t just blink in the face of terror. He is groveling before the Taliban, acknowledging their victory and laying the groundwork for their legitimacy as the rulers of Afghanistan.

Who could imagine any American president allowing murderous thugs to set the terms of our military’s surrender? But that’s what has been happening and it crystalized Tuesday.

Worse than Jimmy Carter. Worse than Barack Obama. Worse even than Neville Chamberlain.

Exactly how many Americans will be left behind is unknown, but most estimates put it in the thousands. They are now hos­tages to Biden’s fear and failure.

Their fate is uncertain, but the fate of the tens of thousands of abandoned Afghans who helped us and whom we promised to rescue is almost certain death.

This is extraordinarily callous and will ricochet around the world as evidence that America is no longer the home of the brave.

As is always the case with appeasement, our allies will be shaken and our adversaries emboldened.

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