Biden spokeswomen says “let them drink margaritas” | and more…

1) Press secretary Jen Paski urged Americans to “have a margarita” if they’re upset about the state of the county. It’s her Marie Antionette moment. John Nolte writes:

If that isn’t bad enough, in a country besieged by violent crime, record inflation, record coronavirus infections, and hospitalizations… In a country without enough COVID tests or products to stock our store shelves… In a country with exploding energy prices, an open border, and no off-ramp for these fascist COVID restrictions… Press Secretary Lyin’ Ginger’s advice to “pissed off” Americans is to “go to kickboxing class” and “have a margarita.”

She was specifically trying to console fascist crybabies upset over the White House’s failure to rig the voting process, but “kickboxing class” and a “margarita”?

Who are these freaks?

Who can enjoy a workout class in a mask?

To go out for a margarita, you have to risk catching the very same virus Biden promised to shut down, and you’d better be ready to “show your papers” in the form of a vaccine passport.

I guess you could make those margaritas at home, that is if your grocery store has margarita mix in stock.

Psaki would’ve said, “Let them eat cake,” but that was taken.

Democrats do not give a damn about anyone.

Read the full piece here. It’s really good. 

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3) Leftist host Bill Maher is DONE with Covid