Biden signals he’ll go ahead with domestic vaccine travel requirement

If you thought that we were safe from tyranny in the United States, think again. Australia-style coercion is coming to American, courtesy of the Biden administration.

If there’s one hallmark of a free society, it’s the ability to travel freely, without restrictions, checkpoints, or prison camps. That freedom may be the next to go, if a bombshell report about the Biden administration is true:

Let’s keep in mind the next steps after a domestic travel restriction. As the Wall Street Journal reports:

Consider Australia, until recently a relatively free country. Its Northern Territory has a Covid quarantine camp in Howard Springs where law-abiding citizens can be forcibly sent if they have been exposed to a SARS-CoV-2-positive person or have traveled internationally or between states, even without evidence of exposure. A 26-year-old Australian citizen, Hayley Hodgson, was detained at the camp after she was exposed to someone later found to be positive. Despite three negative tests and no positive ones, she was held in a small enclosed area for 14 days and fed once a day. Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says quarantine can end after seven days with negative tests. Why didn’t the government let her quarantine at home? And why doesn’t it exempt or treat differently people who can prove prior vaccination or natural infection?

We’re only a few short steps from a similar fate.