Biden says he won’t restrict Russian oil during a press inquiry about Russian energy.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, the White House does not favor a ban on Russian oil imports, despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supporting calls for the US to stop buying Moscow’s petroleum.

‘We don’t have a strategic interest in limiting global energy supplies since that would raise gas costs for Americans,’ Psaki told reporters on Thursday.

When asked what would have to happen on the ground in Ukraine for the United States to stop buying Russian oil, the press secretary remained tight-lipped.

‘I’m not sure if we should look at it through that lens.’ ‘Clearly, we haven’t shied away from taking substantial, historic moves that are currently harming the Russian economy,’ she said.

‘The impact on the petrol pump for Americans is the factor we’re looking at here.’ A decrease in market supply, as well as a fall in the worldwide supply, would result in price increases. So that’s the lens through which we’re looking at it.’ On Thursday, reporters shouted down President Biden as he attended a Cabinet meeting.

‘Will Russian oil be banned?’ a reporter inquired as the press pool was hustled out of the conference before the Cabinet started debating.

‘He refused!’ As they ushered the journalists out of the room, a Biden employee exclaimed, “Let’s go!” ‘No, he didn’t,’ some reporters grumbled. ‘He didn’t answer to anything.’

Jacquie Heinrich of Fox News posed a question to Psaki. ‘Does the administration have any options for getting those providers back to pre-pandemic levels?’

When asked why the White House isn’t doing more to boost domestic oil output, Psaki responded, “There are 9,000 approved oil leases that the oil corporations aren’t tapping into right now.”

The Biden administration announced further sanctions against Russia and Belarus’ defense equipment, as well as export controls aimed at oil refining, on Wednesday. They did, however, exempt energy payments from the sanctions list to allow unrestricted petroleum exchange between the US and Russia.