Biden reverses course, says he has nothing to do with gas prices

When gas prices in the United States were slowly heading downwards after 11 months of sharp increases, President Joe Biden was taking all the credit. Now that they’re hitting record highs, however, he insists he has no control over the price at the pump.

Earlier this week, Biden said he “can’t do much right now about” gas prices.

“Russia is responsible,” he added.

The national average of a price of a gallon of gas hit $4.33 on Friday, a record high. That capped a week of record highs that began with $4.17 a gallon on Tuesday.

Biden’s supposed powerlessness in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — which caused the U.S. to ban Russian oil imports — was a lot different from the tune Biden was singing in December, however.

On Dec. 21, Biden bragged he “was able to bring [gas prices] down 12 cents a gallon,” according to Fox News.

He said the price “will come down more, I believe.”

At this point, gas was around $3.30, still markedly higher than when Biden took office.

Earlier in that month, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee received backlash for a tweet of a graph that showed a trivial downturn in prices — only two cents over a two-week period — along with the the text, “Thanks, @JoeBiden.”

Even The Washington Post called it “the worst defense of the Biden administration yet.

Neither Biden nor the DCCC seems particularly interested in recycling these arguments now, however.