Biden Makes Murderous Decision | and more….

According to Dr. Rand Paul, the Biden administration is blocking the delivery of life-saving antibodies to desperately ill patients. This is nothing short of murderous.

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MSNBC Host and Trump delusion syndrome sufferer Chris Hayes is admitting publically what we’ve known for weeks – the Omicron variant is kind of like the flu.

Trump is holding the lavish Mar-a-Lago New Years’ ball after skipping a year, despite media hysteria about Omicron.

Creep alert: While officials in red states have created ways to compensate workers who lost their jobs over vaccine mandates, Biden’s Covid advisor Ezekiel Emanuel said the unvaccinated don’t deserve help.

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John Madden was a true NFL original. From his obituary at Sports Illustrated: For all that, he is probably best remembered as your slightly addled uncle, a spit take for every third observation. “Playing in this nice weather,” he once opined, “really makes me remember all the times I got stung by a bee.” Could he be pithy? Sure. “If you see a defense with dirt and mud on their backs, they’ve had a bad day.” Did his analysis always rise to the level of epiphany? No. “Here’s a guy,” he once said, “who can use his arms and legs at the same time.”

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“The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.”
― C.S. Lewis

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