Biden LANDSLIDE Defeat – First Victim Comes Forward – US Dead In The Water

1) Biden will lose in a landslide; Joe’s polls are worse than he thinks.

Ron Fauchuex writes:

President Joe Biden’s dropping poll numbers are worse than they seem. A deep dive into the data shows two overlooked problems that most news stories haven’t caught: an intensity problem and a national mood problem.

In the recent Quinnipiac University poll , for example, Biden’s overall job approval rating is 40%, with 53% disapproving. That’s not good. But when you look at internal numbers that didn’t make it into the headlines, it gets worse: The number of voters who strongly disapprove of the job the president is doing is more than twice that of those who strongly approve, 45% to 20%.

The same is true for Biden’s personal popularity. Among voters, he’s 46% favorable and 51% unfavorable in an Economist poll . However, the very unfavorable is bigger than the very favorable, 40% to 26%.

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2) Biden’s first victim comes forward:

“It’s definitely not something that I’m proud of, but I may have been the first casualty of the ‘Build Back Better’ plan,” explained Neal Crabtree, a pipeline welder and union member who testified before the House Oversight Committee on Thursday.

“Three hours after President Biden’s inauguration, I lost my job on the construction of the Keystone Pipeline,” Crabtree explained. “Now I realize this was only one project, but what I really feared was the consequences the decisions would have on my future. And now I see those fears being realized. Not only did I lose an opportunity for employment on the Keystone, but I’m losing employment opportunities.”

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3) The US is “Dead in the water” under Biden. David Goldman writes:

….the US economy shrank during the third quarter.

Altogether, the available data show the United States dead in the water, with inflation eating up all the demand stimulus that the government poured into the post-Covid economy. And all the price indicators suggest that it is getting worse.

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