Biden Just Collapsed – Kamala Gets New Job – Democrats Panicking

It just keeps getting worse for Sleepy Joe. He just collapsed below 40%. His approval ratings have been in freefall for the last few weeks, but now, they’re crossed a critical milestone.

According to a recent poll by far-left Quinnipiac University, Biden’s approval rate has fallen to an all time low at 38% 

That’s devestating, especially since it’s likely that the left-leaning polls are inflating his approval substantially.

Here’s the whole ugly tale. By nearly 2-1, independents disapprove of Biden, 60%-32%. Additionally:

  • More than half say 55%-42% said the Biden administration is not competent in running the government.
  • Fifty percent said Biden is not honest, while 44% said he is.
  • Forty-one percent said he has “good leadership,” while 56% said he doesn’t.
  • Fifty-five percent disapprove of his handling of the economy.
  • Fifty-eight percent disapprove of his job as commander in chief.
  • Sixty-seven percent said he’s wrong on immigration and border issues.

My only question is why did it take us so long to figure this out?

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