Biden ISN’T President – Ron DeSantis CRUSHES Media – Feeding Frenzy ERUPTS

1) Biden isn’t really the president – Barack Obama is. And Obama’s third term is going just as poorly as his first two.

Drew Allen writes:

In October 30, 2008, five days before Barack Obama won that year’s presidential election, he promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” He nearly lived up to that promise.

Obama doubled the federal debt. He oversaw the worst economic growth of any president since Herbert Hoover. Under Obama, Americans experienced a stagnant median household income, a decline in homeownership, an increase in health insurance rates, and an increase in the number of Americans on food stamps, to mention just a few lowlights.

While Biden is the empty suit and emptier mind in the Oval Office, it is Obama who is running the show; it is Obama who is desperate to fulfill the promise he made in 2008. This is Obama’s third term.

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2) The media tried to bury Ron DeSantis. Now, he’s crushing them.

Karol Marowicz writes:

Florida has the lowest COVID-19 case rate in the country. They did it without vaccine mandates, without mask mandates in school and with no restrictions on businesses. Life simply went on.

Over the summer, when Florida was experiencing a spike in cases, the media was wall-to-wall news about the numbers. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis was a frequent target for the blame. His sensible moves, such as not forcing low-risk kids to wear masks, was treated as akin to murder by the media.

Florida is doing better in per-capita cases and deaths from COVID than states that put in universal mask mandates and lockdowns. But you won’t hear that from the media. Now that DeSantis’ strategy has worked, they have quietly moved on without acknowledging their predictions of doom were wrong.

It’s a lesson that we need to quickly learn. Encouraging vaccination is important, but ultimately COVID will be something we need to handle with less hysteria going forward, and DeSantis has been a model for that.

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3) The Facebook feeding frenzy is pure hypocrisy. Matt Tabbai writes:

….a whole army of commercial news outlets is complaining that Facebook is choosing, gasp, to make money off “divisive” and “sensationalist” content. This is like every fat-hawking burger chain from McDonald’s to In-N-Out teaming up to denounce the Big Gulp.

The most amazing example was one of the early Journal pieces, a September 15th article entitled, “Facebook Tried to Make Its Platform a Healthier Place. It Got Angrier Instead.” In it, the Journal cites an email from Jonah Peretti, chief executive at Buzzfeed, to a “top official” at Facebook, complaining that Facebook was making their own dumb clickbait too successful:

This is Buzzfeed — the company that rose to prominence ages ago atop content like “34 Reasons Why Parent Trap Dennis Quaid Is The Hottest Movie DILF Ever” and “109 Cats in Sweaters” — essentially complaining that “Facebook made me do it,” when it comes to lowbrow click-chasing. And the Wall Street Journal, owned by Rupert “Boobs on Page 3” Murdoch’s News Corporation, co-signed the sentiment. You need a chainsaw to cut through that hypocrisy.

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