Biden is history’s worst at getting nominees confirmed – Dem senator arrested for molesting teen | And more…

Who would’ve thunk that Joe Biden was bad at getting stuff done? The man who can’t put a coherent sentence together can’t put a team together? SHOCKING. /sarcasm

Fox News reports:

“White House officials are concerned about the lack of Senate-confirmed appointees under President Biden in comparison to previous administrations, reports said Friday.

Biden carries the worst record for the number of confirmed appointees in recent history and has not seen a single ambassador instated eight months into his presidency.

There is growing concern that the president is trailing behind Donald Trump in the number of appointees confirmed and is nearly 200 appointees behind Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Politico first reported.”

And more news:

Democrat Senator arrested for molesting teen boy. So sick, they should lock him up forever.

Republicans move to impeach Biden cabinet member. Time to get aggressive with the Biden admin.

Biden proves that he has dementia – again. This man is the most powerful man in the free world? Are you kidding me?

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