Biden Hits Point Of No Return – Massive Voter Fraud In CA – Greg Gutfeld Stuns Media

The Biden administration is never going to recover from the Afghanistan disaster. Like Jimmy Carter’s failures in the Iran hostage crisis, the stain is permanent.

It’s not just the failed pullout, the horrific miscalculation of Taliban strength, and the overwhelming weakness of the administration’s response.

It’s also the pure evilness of the response. It’s the refusal to commit to getting every American out. It’s handing over the information of our allies to the Taliban. It’s the exposure of our troops to murderous attacks without any protection or plan.

Rod Dreher put it well:

At what point does incompetence become evil? We are there.

The United States government gave these savage cutthroats a list of our people to kill!
 Who did it? Who? Name names. Fire people. Salt the earth of their reputations forever! I don’t know that I’ve ever been more ashamed of who we are as a nation. The Biden administration trusted the Taliban, and because of that, people who trusted America will die.

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