Biden Hire ARRESTED – He’s Been Found GUILTY – Pelosi Burns It Down

The Biden White House is such a disaster, it’s hard to be surprised by anything they do, no matter how stupid. But this one is particularly bad.

It turns out that Biden’s pick for a top job is a criminal – and not just in the ordinary politician sense. The Daily Mail reports:

President Joe Biden‘s nominee to oversee the to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency was arrested for stealing four pairs of shoes, two bottles of cologne, two belts and socks worth $214 from TJ Maxx in 1995, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Since the White House announced it was tapping Cornell University professor Saule Omarova, 55, to lead the agency overseeing the country’s largest banks, revelations about the Soviet-born academic’s radical views have surfaced.

Omarova reportedly placed the hodgepodge of stolen items, including  four pairs of shoes, two bottles of cologne and socks worth $214, into a large purse and hid them by covering the bag with other clothing items.

You have to be freaking kidding me. This is the same person that wants to abolish your private bank account. In a very real sense she’s a thief, and now Joe Biden wants to give her the power to steal from all of us.

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The QAnon Shaman, famous for wearing a buffalo helmet during the Capitol riots, was just sentenced to 41 months in prison. I have no problem sending rioters to jail, but it has to be equally applied to BLM and Antifa. I’d love to see the people that burned Kenosha down get some serious time too.

Kevin McCarthy says Nancy Pelosi is “burning down the House on the way out the door…The House is weaker, more partisan, and more self-focused today than when Speaker Pelosi became speaker less than four years ago. Future Congress will suffer for it.”

Ron DeSantis continues to impress with his sense of priorities. He doesn’t make a misstep. His latest move was to support Cuban refugees protesting at the Freedom Tower in Miami. “You’ve got a lot of people who are standing up and fighting against a brutal dictatorship. This is something that many of the people who fled Cuba over the decades probably never envisioned that the tyranny would last this long” DeSantis said.

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