Biden has meltdown in speech | and more…

1) From RedState: Biden Forgets What Year It Is and Other Truly Bizarre Moments

Biden gave a briefing on COVID today, and he waded into all kinds of trouble. The ‘vacation’ didn’t help clear up his cognitive issues.

First up, what year is this? Joe Biden doesn’t seem to know. He seemed to think it was 2020.

…Biden refused to answer any of the questions on his little, fake White House set and his people shooed away the reporters. During his remarks, he told people they should just “google” where they might find tests.

That’s a far cry from “I will stop the virus.”

Maybe we could have just googled for a competent man for the job he now has? Because, for sure, if we googled, it wouldn’t be this guy whose face came up.

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2) One image shows it all – it’s time to stop panicking about Omicron.

3) The January 6 furor is nothing but an excuse to silence Republicans.

Their message — they will all have more or less the same message — is simple: all Republicans are insurrectionists, the GOP is the enemy of the people, and the only way to preserve American democracy is to ensure that only Democrats can win elections.

But the nonsense here serves a purpose. If the Jan. 6 riot can be conflated with perfectly valid GOP-led efforts to shore up state election rules, then perhaps those efforts can be wholly undermined, regardless of what voters in red states want. The irony is that it isn’t GOP lawmakers trying “to wrest control of electoral votes from their own people,” as the Times editors charge; it’s the Democrats and their media allies.

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