Biden has a plan to steal 2022 elections | and more…

1) Biden’s “Voting Rights Act” is really just a scam to steal elections. Christian Whiton writes:

With the Democrats’ agenda faltering amid historic voter disapproval of Joe Biden and the Democrat-run Congress, Biden will be in Georgia today in an effort to keep power by stealing elections.

What Joe Biden, Democrats, and the lying media are calling ”voting rights” legislation is really a complex package to subvert the rights of states—undermining our republican form of government—and ensuring that Americans will consider fewer elections to be fair and settled on election day.

Democrats used the pandemic in 2020 to mail millions of ballots to people who did not request them. Few states even bothered matching signatures on such ballots with voter-registration documents. We’ll never know if fraud was insignificant or massive. Now Democrats want to perpetuate this practice and others that make it easier for activists to vote more than once.

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2) Biden has been punked by almost 50,000 illegal immigrants who were released and told to show up for hearings. Of course, they didn’t.

Almost 50,000 illegal immigrants who were told to report to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office between March and August have disappeared, according to newly released Homeland Security data.

In a letter to Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., the Department of Homeland Security disclosed that out of 104,171 migrants issued Notices to Report – which requires migrants released into the U.S. to report to an ICE office within 60 days – between the end of March and the end of August, 47,705 failed to report within that timeframe.

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3) The DOJ was involved in January 6th – Tucker Carlson reports: