Biden Goes Missing – White House CRUSHED – Covid Diagnosis

Joe Biden is missing in action. Again.

As the southern border crisis escalates, as Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan, as our international allies abandon us, Joe is gone from DC, and on vacation again.

Fox News reports:

With more than 100 Americans trapped behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, more than 10,000 illegal immigrants – many flooding in from Haiti after the halting of deportation flights – flowing into south Texas and record inflation and America’s oldest ally recalling its ambassador over a slight, President Biden selfishly decided to take a weekend vacation at the beach in his home state of DelawareSean Hannity said Friday.

In his “Opening Monologue“, Hannity ripped Biden for continuing to ignore multiplying crises and acting unilaterally – in this case deciding to head to Rehoboth Beach for what is one of the waning warm weekends of summer in the Mid Atlantic.


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Biden is taking a series of major body blows this week. The FDA shot down booster shots. The Pentagon admitted to killing innocent civilians in a drone strike. France pulled it’s ambassador. And the border is melting down. Time. To. Remove.

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