Biden Gets News And PANICS – FBI Caught In NASTY Sex Scandal – CNN Anchor Goes Rogue

If Joe Biden thinks he can distract Americans from his disaster of an Afghanistan policy by talking about other issues, he’s dumber than I thought, which seems hardly possible.

Breaking news Joe: you just sunk to a new low in the polls. It’s time to panic.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, only 42% of Americans approve of the job Joe is doing – and 50% disapprove, the worst numbers in his presidency. And this is from Quinnipiac, a leftist hack poll that is probably overstating Biden’s numbers by 5% or more.

I can’t emphasize how much of a disaster this is. And even though we’re out of Afghanistan and Biden would like to think he’s out of the woods, Americans aren’t forgetting. His numbers are still sliding.

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