Biden FIRING Announcement – Tucker Carlson INFURIATES Them – Merrick Garland Impeachment

1) It’s time to FIRE Biden’s 4-star generals.

Facing the rising prospect of a major conflict with China, the nation needs senior military leaders who are, well, superb leaders.

We’re not getting that leadership.

The problem starts with the most senior military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.

The nation is blessed with the finest warriors on Earth. But it’s obvious that their top leaders are, all too often, second-rate. Congress and the White House should demand better. Where they don’t get it, they should impose it.

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2) Tucker Carlson is a traitor to the pundit class – that’s why they hate him.

Carlson usually shows a certain fundamental affection for the people he writes about, even if he also ribs or mocks them in some ways. In particular, there is none of that ugly contempt for the “booboisie” and ordinary Americans that one finds, for example, in the pages of H. L. Mencken, and in a great deal of prestige journalism. Instead, he reserves his contempt for the well-heeled know-it-alls who genuinely deserve it. In that sense, the Carlson of these essays does not seem very different from the Carlson of today. He always has been a bit of a traitor to his class, and commendably so.

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3) Merrick Garland must be impeached – otherwise there’s no point in electing Republicans

One way House Republicans can distinguish themselves in next year’s races is to pledge to impeach Attorney General Merrick Garland if they take control of Congress, showing voters there will be an overhaul of the Justice Department after years of politicization and prosecutorial overreach ranging from the Russia collusion probe to the targeting of parents protesting school board policies.

America “needs a new chief executive, or somebody completely different at the top of the Justice Department, which is why I’ve called for and introduced articles of impeachment for Merrick Garland,” Perry said during an interview this month on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

“Whether it’s overly politicized use of the Justice Department on political adversaries, to going after parents, he’s got to go, but we can’t just have another replacement for him, we need a wholesale review and cleaning of half in the Justice Department,” he said.

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