Biden Faces The End – Rittenhouse Crucified – Covid OVER

1) Inflation is going to end Biden – he’s the next Herbert Hoover. Michael Goodwin writes:

…Now it’s Biden who looks unserious about a major public concern. Pushing the most expensive piece of legislation in history and calling it a solution to inflation is a foolish rebranding of a radical wish list he never should have supported. His failure to change course in response to new circumstances suggests he’s on autopilot.

With most polls already showing his approval ratings about 10 points underwater, the president doesn’t have room for error, as election results proved in Virginia, New Jersey and elsewhere.

Indeed, Biden’s response to inflation fits a pattern of refusing to heed warnings. On the fatal, chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, he rejected advice from military commanders and allies to go slower and keep some troop presence there.

The problem might be in Biden’s head. Soon after his election, he grew infatuated with the fantasy that his social transformation plans would make him the new FDR.

But less than a year later, the string of failures and growing doubts about his ability suggest a different presidential role model: Herbert Hoover. 

The GOP incumbent in 1932, Hoover was widely admired for his relief work in Europe after World War I but proved to be no match for the onslaught of the Great Depression. As the economy collapsed, voters rejected him in a landslide, handing Roosevelt victory in 42 of the 48 states.

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2) Kyle Rittenhouse is facing a mob baying for blood. Derek Hunter writes:

It’s a word you aren’t allowed to say – lynching – because leftists have claimed domain over it, making it an exclusively race-based thing, which is ironic considering the fact that it was Democrats who were lynching black people in the south. But the literal definition, at least until liberals pressure into changing it, is “to put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority” and “to criticize, condemn, etc., in public.” While he hasn’t been killed by the liberal mob, at least not yet, what the media is doing to Kyle Rittenhouse is exactly what the second definition of lynching is.

It’s doubtful a single personality on CNN or MSNBC would mind if Kyle Rittenhouse were cleared, then killed by one of their viewers. They might not like the financial liability their employers could face, but they don’t give a damn about what destruction is in their wake about anything, let alone some white kid who defended himself from a child rapist who’d threatened to kill him and tried to take his gun, another domestic abuser beating him with a skateboard, or another “winner” pointing a gun at him.

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3) It’s over. It’s time to declare an end of the covid era. The media won’t let it go though. Christopher Snowdon writes:

Everyone knows the media prefer bad news to good news, but there was something almost pathological about this refusal to look the facts in the face. Could it be sheer ignorance?

Whether the result of mendacity or stupidity, the media’s eagerness to maintain a state of panic was almost enough to make you believe in conspiracy theories. For those who already believed in conspiracy theories, it was all the confirmation they needed.

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