Biden Faces THE END – Deadly Threat Killing Americans – Thanksgiving Fools Embarrassed

1) The pandemic is over – but Dems won’t admit it. Juliette Kayyem writes:

But America remains in limbo for another reason: The Biden administration has yet to come out and say that the emergency is ending…Yet even though the threat still exists, the country needs to be nudged into the recovery phase—and only elected leaders can provide that nudge.

The coronavirus arrived like a tidal wave, but its worst effects are now ebbing, at least for vaccinated people. The United States has entered a phase that I have previously described as an adaptive recovery, a long period in which the virus persists but Americans figure out how best to manage it. The choice now facing the U.S. is whether to acknowledge the progress we’ve made—and the subjective, political, nonscientific nature of the value judgments that face us.

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2) Anti-police activism kills. Michael Shellenberger writes:

In 2020, the homicide rate increased on average by more than one-third in America’s 57 largest cities. Homicides rose in 51 cities and declined in just six of them. Homicides rose 35 percent in Los Angeles, 31 percent in Oakland, 74 percent in Seattle, 63 percent in Portland, 60 percent in Chicago, and 47 percent in New York City.

The lack of sufficient police may have made communities more vulnerable to the spikes in homicides seen in 2015 and 2020, as police were redirected to deal with anti-police protests. “When you have your officers and detectives every night on the front line dealing with demonstration after demonstration after demonstration,” said former police chief Best, “they are not engaging with community members. They are not talking to young people. All of that is not happening because the focus now is on the nightly demonstrations.”

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3) Don’t listen to the fools who want to erase the history of Thanksgiving. Christopher Tremoglie writes:

Today, many try to tear this country down by vilifying its past. They target its history and denounce it under the misnomer as a society of oppression. These enemies of freedom lambaste this country for failing to live up to the impossible standards of a nirvana that only exists in their ideologically corrupted minds. All too often, they emphasize our sins while ignoring our successes. Today, many of them even denounce the celebration of Thanksgiving as an act of racial oppression. Their objective is for the complete dissolution of all the progress made since the Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe joined together. They want to create a form of government that we have spent centuries trying to escape from.

Today, there are many who wish to tear this government down. These people wish to eradicate our culture and customs. They attack Thanksgiving in a coordinated effort to delegitimize and discredit our history. A house divided cannot stand, and instigating internal strife is the ultimate objective for such people. Instead, we must remember the spirit of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag and come together, united, to preserve our liberties and freedoms. The U.S. may have its fair share of sins that led to many people inexplicably suffering. Yet, it is the 1621 Project that bore the fruit that resulted in a society that looked to correct all of humanity’s wrongs.

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