Biden ENDS It – Americans Slap Joe In The Face – Trump’s Man Winning

Joe Biden is really really skilled at spoiling good things. Now he’s ending one of the few White House traditions that is actually worth a dang.

News sources are reporting that Biden is canceling the annual White House tradition of trick or treating at the White House.

While I ordinarily would support anything that keeps Joe Biden away from schoolchildren, I have to think there is something else at play here. Remember, just days ago, he visited kids at a preschool, and cameras caught the kids ignoring him in a generally awkward scene. Not only that, Joe rambled on to the kids about dodging questions from the press, something that the American public, if not the kids, should be very interested in.

It sure seems like Biden’s handlers have decided that Joe can’t keep it together enough to hold any events that aren’t totally prescripted. And you know what? They’re probably right.

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