Biden Declares WAR – They’re Being Beaten And Tortured – Pelosi Holes Up

Joe Biden wouldn’t fight the Taliban – but he’ll go after the American people.

In one of the most draconian and dictatorial moves of any President ever, Biden just ordered a sweeping mandate that would force over 100 million Americans to either vaccinate or be fired. And that’s just the begining.

Republicans exploded in fury over the news. See some of the reactions below:

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‘We will not comply.’ America is waking up.

Fortress Pelosi is going back up. I wonder why the government is scared of its own citizens?

The Taliban is beating and torturing journalists. What did you idiots think would happen? And where is Brian Stelter on this issue?

Facebook is partnering with Ray-Ban to make creepy spy camera glasses. What could possibly go wrong?

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