Biden CRUSHES Middle America – Kamala’s Sad Video – Congress PAY RAISE

Joe Biden wants to take us back to medieval days. In the middle of a staggering economic meltdown centered around supply chain issues, Biden is proudly boasting that he’ll take millions of vehicles off of the roads.

It’s all part of the pipe dream that is the Green New Deal – replacing cars with bloated train lines to nowhere, fanciful hydrogen cars and expensive electric ones.

The reality? The only way that Americans will give up the freedom and convenience of cars is if they’re forced to. And Biden knows it. And he’s planning on it.

Greenies love to talk about trains, but the real meat of their plan is punitive measures, like high gas prices, outrageous registration and smog requirements, and banning gas cars. They can’t create a better system, so they’ll settle for ruining the one we have.

Of course, John Kerry and Jeff Bezos will still have their private jets. It’ll be the middle class that gets hit. We can’t afford six-figure Teslas and many of us live in rural areas where public transportation is noexistent. Hell, even in area where there is public transportation, the lack of policing makes it too dangerous to use. That won’t matter to Biden and his enforcers. They’ll still take away our cars, through regulation, bans and costing it out of our reach.

This is Joe Biden’s brave new world. Thanks Biden voters.

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