Biden collapses in polls, leaving Democrats without a viable leader | and more…

Joe Biden’s poll numbers have slid for 5 straight months, marking an epic collapse with few historical parallels. Now with a crippled leader and few alternatives, Democrats are facing a bleak future with no one to lead them out of the wilderness.

Fox reports:

The plunge in the president’s approval was also fueled by the surge since the summer in consumer prices and to a lesser degree the surge this year of migrants trying to cross into the U.S. along the southern border with Mexico.

By mid-November, Biden’s approval had sunk below 40% in two well-known national polls from ABC News/Washington Post and Quinnipiac University.

Let’s keep in mind that Biden’s numbers have plunged despite a compliant media that refuses to ask tough questions, covers for policy failures, and lobs softballs to him at every turn.

But despite all that, Biden is striking out on the softest of pitches. Hell, he can barely hold the bat.

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