Biden caught lying about Covid tests

1) Biden was caught LYING about covid tests again.

In last week’s Omicron speech, President Joe Biden tried to show strong leadership by saying he’d make 500 million at-home tests available for free to all who wanted one. But it turns out his people haven’t even finalized the contracts yet — and, in fact, he’s been promising more tests all year.

New York Times reporters, to their credit, exposed the no-contracts-yet issue within a day of his speech, flagging that nothing would be available before New Year’s, let alone Christmas. Heck, the Web site to order them won’t even launch until January (at the earliest).

Which left Biden flubbering when ABC’s David Muir asked about it in what the prez surely hoped would be a softball interview Wednesday.

“You could argue that we should have known a year ago, six months ago, two months ago, a month ago,” the president said. “I wish I had thought about ordering 500 million at-home tests two months ago.”

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2) Elites have declared war on the unvaccinated

While the first few rounds of lockdowns, social distancing and other restrictions applied to more or less all people in the societies in which they were introduced (with only the elites able to exempt themselves), in the last few months of 2021 ever-tighter restrictions have been targeted at the unvaccinated.

This year governments across the developed world have issued a flurry of policies designed to ‘nudge’ people to get the vaccine, such as requiring vaccine passports to enter leisure venues.

The unvaccinated are variously charged with superspreading the virus, blocking hospital beds and even prolonging the pandemic itself. This, in turn, becomes justification for ever more punitive measures. The demonisation of the unvaccinated has reached the point where US lawmakers and commentators have openly called for the unvaccinated to be denied healthcare or be forced to pay for it out of pocket.

Yes, people really should get vaccinated. Vaccines really are the way to tame the pandemic. But the blind rage against the unvaccinated helps no one. It certainly isn’t going to persuade those who are merely hesitant to get vaccinated. They need to be reassured of the vaccine’s minimal side-effects and of its efficacy in preventing severe disease. It should be explained how a higher vaccine uptake can slow the spread of the virus – that vaccination can benefit your community and society more broadly, even if it’s not much benefit to you. But when authority figures tell the hesitant that their doubts are idiotic or that they are just plague-ridden scum, then they are far less likely to trust the help being offered to them.

3) The secret to why Kamala Harris is struggling is no secret at all