Biden CAUGHT – He’s DOWN Big – Mark Levin BOMBSHELL

Joe Biden was just caught lying again, this time about the southern border crisis that is rapidly unfolding.

His administration is saying that the border is closed. But this is demonstrably untrue. In fact, it’s wide open, and when the border patrol tries to block entry, whether with car barricades or with horseback mounted border patrol agents, the left attacks them.

Miranda Devine writes:

Biden created this dumpster fire and refuses to face reporters and answer to the American people for the humanitarian catastrophe he has set in motion.

Is it deliberate or just incompetence? The president’s benign neglect of the crisis suggests that he welcomes unchecked illegal migration.

Surely he is not so clueless that he doesn’t know what is happening.

Without a border, we have no country, and he seems to like it that way.

Meanwhile, Americans are catching on to what’s happening. A new poll shows that 54% of Americans blame Biden’s policies for the border crisis now underway.

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