Biden Back In The Bunker – Taliban Issues Ultimatum – And more…

In the midst of a real crisis, where we need real leadership, Joe Biden is failing us. Instead of taking command, after a brief and embarrassing media appearance, Biden is headed back to his bunker.

Fox reports:

“In what appears to be a continuation of his campaign bunker strategy, and following his widely panned interview with ABC News on the stunning fall of Afghanistan, President Biden’s schedule Thursday contained no planned public remarks or press briefings.”

“Biden’s decision to bunker down amid the Afghanistan crisis evokes his strategy during the 2020 presidential race, when he spent a large amount of time away from the campaign trail.”

here’s the problem. This isn’t the campaign trail. This is a real crisis, not a manufactured media circus.

Actual American lives are at stake, and it’s going to take real leadership to save them. This isn’t some carefully scripted campaign with a compliant and fawning media covering up every misstep.

The Taliban doesn’t care about Biden‘s excuses. And they’re a much tougher opponent than the pathetic state media that softballs questions at Biden – when he takes them, which isn’t often.

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