Biden AG on the wrong side of history – Virginia election in danger – Krysten Sinema enrages Dems

1) Biden’s AG Is Terrified Of Parents

…the little drama of Merrick Garland versus the parents of America unfolds. I wrote about the attorney general’s absurd but troubling memorandum shortly after it was released on October 4. As all the world knows (but only some precincts of the world admit), Garland threatened to mobilize the entire police power of the state against parents. Why? 

Because parents across the country have suddenly woken up to the wokeness haunting their schools and poisoning the minds of their children. The school boards, many of which are staffed by leftists, are pushing the Marxist ideology of critical race theory, virtue-signaling mask mandates, and forcing noisome gender identity politics on primary and secondary school students. 

Most parents don’t like that. They pay for the schools….Which brings me to dominos. “I think parents need to be assured that you’re going to have more support than you think,” Solas remarked, “because it’s like a domino effect. When one parent speaks out, another parent feels like it’s safe for them to speak out. And you just need one person to start that.”

The sound you hear is the sound of the dominos beginning to fall, one after the next. I hope that their cascading collapse is coming soon enough and will be widespread enough to head off the larger, more devastating collapse that would likely ensue in the absence of that movement of catharsis.

2) Voter Fraud Bombshell – Cheating is easier with long voting periods. The Washington Times wrote:

While there’s some merit to having voting extend over more than just a single day to avoid long lines at the polls, Virginia’s more than six weeks’ worth, ending Oct. 30, is unnecessarily long.

We’re open to more than just a single day, but if a would-be voter can’t manage their time to make a trip to the polls over the course of, say, four or five days of early voting or on Election Day itself, a time-management course might be in order.

First, the longer the polls are open, the greater the opportunities for cheating by the unscrupulous. The potential for election integrity to be compromised is directly proportional to the duration of early voting.

The second is the substantial cost of operating the early-voting stations throughout the state that have to be staffed for more than six weeks. In addition to the general registrar’s offices in each of Virginia’s jurisdictions, there are at least 60 satellite polling stations across the state, according to the Virginia Department of Elections website. In Fairfax County alone, there are 16 such satellite stations open seven to eight hours a day.

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3) Krysten Sinema is the unlikely hero of the Senate. Carmel Richarson writes:

….the Arizona senator has been the subject of countless media attacks, as well as personal ones, because if they won’t join you, beat them, seems to be the party’s mantra of late. Among her greatest sins, aside from defending the filibuster, Sinema has stood between the Senate Democrats and Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which includes a wad of progressive social policy and quite radical immigration changes, to the tune of $3.5 trillion. Amid all this, the left seems determined to break Sinema, more to prove a point than anything else.

And for that alone, at least, Sinema deserves a respectful nod for sticking to her guns. There’s a lesson in that, if Republicans would take it.

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