Biden Abandons KIDS – Pelosi Does The Unthinkable – Trump RETURNS

Time and time again, Joe Biden said that no Americans would be left behind. He said it at least 21 times. They were all lies.

As the last military plane left the country, hundreds of Americans watched, helplessly stranded, abandoned by their own government. And among those left behind are dozens, perhaps hundreds of children.

How depraved does a country have to be to leave behind children to the cruel mercies of the Taliban?

The Sacramento Bee reports:

San Juan Unified School District school district officials know there are Sacramento-area kids stranded in Afghanistan. …It’s unclear exactly what their path back to California might be. Dozens of students from San Diego County were also in Afghanistan in recent days and have gradually been evacuated back to the U.S. An untold number remain missing.

It goes without saying that the Biden administration is a bumbling and incompetent mess. But this goes beyond incompetence into the range of pure evil. How could Biden do this?

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