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Remember this spring, when the media began to report a wave of violence against people of Asian descent? We were told that it was a groudswell of hate spawned by Donald Trump’s “racist” rhetoric (ie blaming the Chinese government for the pandemic, which was true), carried out by MAGA-hat wearing “white supremacists.”

We haven’t heard much about that recently. If you’re wondering why the story suddenly went away, here’s a clue. This is a picture of six men who have been arrested and charged with working together on over 70 crimes targeting Asian women in California’s Bay Area.

We’re not making a judgement on the statistical probability of racist attacks being carried out against Asian-Americans by other minority groups – we simply don’t have the data to do so. For all we know, the attackers may be from all races and backgrounds. But what we do need to be asking ourselves is why doesn’t the media find this story newsworthy?

Is it because they’re so racist that they never cared about the victims of these crimes, and instead wanted to use the attacks to hurt Republicans? And once that narrative fell through they weren’t interested any more? I think we know the answer.

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