Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing a career-ending Marie Antoinette moment

As New York is overrun with panic, lockdowns, and a massive wave of Omicron infections, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, leader of the Marxist “Squad” and supposed gritty woman of the Bronx, was photographed sipping martini’s maskless in deep-red Florida, a state run by a man she hates, Ron DeSantis.

Conservatives had a field day. AOC is obviously a hypocrite, but this really emphasizes her total hypocrisy. Like most leftists, she hates the effects of her own politics so much that she’s fleeing to freer climes to vacation.

But AOC is also so thin-skinned that any criticism is a trigger for a nuclear meltdown on Twitter. She continued to dig the hole deeper by attacking Ron DeSantis:

The only problem? DeSantis was not “inexplicably” missing – he was at the bedside of his cancer-stricker wife.