Alec Baldwin Manslaughter – Biden Caught – CNN Star Humiliated

By now we’ve all heard about the tragic shooting of two people on the set of Rust, a western movie starring actor Alec Balwin. Balwin discharged a gun on the set of the movie that killed a cinematographer and injured the director.

Certainly, the tragic incident was accidental, but that doesn’t get Baldwin, an extreme leftist with vocal opinions on gun control, off the hook. In fact, he could even face manslaughter charges. 

Self-defense attorney Andrew Branca writes:

Anyone trained in firearms safety—and anyone handling an inherently dangerous instrument like a firearm can be reasonably expected to have a duty to be trained on its safe operation around others—would know that one of the four primary safety rules of handling firearms is that you do not point the muzzle of the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.

Pointing the gun at Ms. Hutchins then, at least under circumstances in which the gun discharges and kills her, would certainly qualify as negligence at a minimum, and thus create civil liability for her death.

It remains to be seen whether there was negligence or recklessness in the circumstances of the case, but meanwhile, it’s a good reminder that guns aren’t toys – they need to be handled safely in all circumstances. This is exactly why we need education and familiarity with guns among the general population.

It’s exactly people like Alec Baldwin, who hate and fear guns but are ignorant about them, that are most dangerous.

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