After Trump appears to walk off Piers Morgan interview, audio shows Morgan misled audience

It was the 24-carat headline: Faced with questioning about whether he thought the 2020 election was stolen during a promo for his interview with Piers Morgan, former President Donald Trump stormed out of the room.

However, audio obtained by the Washington Examiner tells a starkly different tale, according to the conservative outlet.

On Wednesday, the Examiner reported that, in spite of a dramatic 30-second promo shared by Morgan himself, the interview with Trump actually ended on amicable terms.

Just in case you missed it, this is what most people saw from Morgan — once a friend of Trump’s and winner of the 2008 edition of “The Celebrity Apprentice”:

“Turn the camera off. Very dishonest,” Trump seems to say as he walks out of the room when the issue of the 2020 election is broached.

However, the promo featured a number of jump-cuts and didn’t provide much context about anything.

According to the audio obtained by the Examiner, there’s a reason for that.

For instance, when Trump seems to be calling Morgan’s questions “very dishonest,” this was actually in reference to Morgan dragging out the interview beyond its original length.

Yet, Morgan is still able to ask another question — this one about whether Trump scored a hole-in-one playing golf last week.

Trump said he has scored seven holes-in-one, something he said “isn’t that high a number” for frequent golf players.

And, far from ending with Trump storming off stage, the two exchange polite chatter at the end of the conversation.

“Congratulations,” Morgan says, to which Trump thanks him.

After Morgan calls it a “great interview,” Trump agrees. It’s then where he gets up and says “turn the camera off.”

Trump, needless to say, wasn’t quiet about this.

“Piers Morgan, like the rest of the Fake News Media, attempted to unlawfully and deceptively edit his long and tedious interview with me. He wanted to make it look like I walked out on the interview when my time limit of 20 minutes went over by an hour,” Trump said in a statement.

“The good news is that the interview was taped by us as a means of keeping him honest,” he continued, although adding he believed there was fraud during the 2020 election.

“For those who want to make Piers look bad, compare his video promo and how it was doctored to the real thing. Hopefully they will now be doing some big changes to their final product. It just shows, however, what I have to deal with in the Fake News Media. He went out of his way to deceptively edit an interview and got caught. That is a big story, isn’t it?”

Morgan, meanwhile, didn’t address the misleading promo in his tweet, instead focusing on the election claims.

“Morning, Mr President! It was a great interview, thanks for all your time. Sorry you got so annoyed that I don’t believe the 2020 election was rigged or stolen from you, but as I said, where’s your proof? If you have it, show us — or accept the result and move on,” he said.

The interview airs Monday.