Abortion protesters intend to shut down the Supreme Court in protest of the ‘Roe’ ruling

According to a leaked draft judgment acquired by Politico, conservative justices will overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that established the constitutional right to abortion.

Hundreds of protestors gathered late Monday night at the United States Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC, after reports that Roe v. Wade could be repealed.

Rev. Wendy Hamilton, a Democratic congressional candidate from DC said, “I got down here early, right, cause I got home from a long day kicked off shoes my shoes, opened Twitter, saw that Roe v. Wade was trending to be overturned, put my shoes back on, and came right back from east of the river.”

Hamilton described a scene of hundreds of protesters, chanting with signs in hand, “who are experiencing the same fury.” She also counted seven officers standing in her line of sight behind a barricade erected on Monday night, as well as a much smaller group of anti-abortion counterprotesters.

She stated that the topic was particularly important due to the city’s Black maternal health challenges.

Hamilton said. “I’m tired of them chipping away at our rights, particularly as women. They’re chipping away at voting rights. They’re trying to overturn our democracy almost by any means necessary.”

Ryan Jones, a DC attorney general candidate, was also at the protests and told Insider that he needed to “understand what the reaction was firsthand.”

Jones stated, “This is a mind-blowing decision that I could not imagine being overturned in my life.”

Since the draft release, the pro-life movement has been targeted in several ways, including attacks on pregnancy centers, churches, and pro-life offices. Abortion campaigners have also attacked pro-life activists, including minors, in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade’s decision.