A mass resignation event is taking place among White House staffers

After a year of bodyblows, the Biden administration is facing perhaps the most damning one of all – a mass resignation of White House staffers.

PJ Media reports: 

But Politico is reporting that there is a mass exodus of White House aides brewing, and it’s not entirely due to burnout.

The Politico report comes the same month in which an article detailing turmoil and high turnover in Vice President Kamala Harris’s office appeared.

Turnover in White House staff after the first year is expected. Some aides only take the job to pad their resumes. Others use the White House as a stepping stone to another coveted staff job in Congress or various government agencies.

But the coming mass resignations of Biden White House staffers appear to be driven by other factors.

Some staffers say it’s the result of an insular, top-heavy White House of longtime Biden aides who are distant from much of the staff — “no new friends in Biden world,” goes the refrain. And others say it’s just poor management.

I would guess that these staffers see which way the wind is blowing, and they understand that being part of the Biden catastrophe won’t look good on any resume in the next few years.