Canadian government cracks down – blood in the streets | and more

Apparently, the Canadian government has had enough freedom. Breitbart reports:

Canadian police have taken a hardline approach in an effort to break up the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, with at least 100 arrested and mounted police trampling protesters on Friday.

Mounted police and officers clad in riot gear, some carrying rifles, moved in on the Freedom Convoy on Friday, pushing into crowds of people including children as protesters linked arms and sang the national anthem in an effort to block their advances.

Watch some of the horrific video below:

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PJ Media: On Thursday, The View‘s Joy Behar announced that she planned to continue to wear a face mask in public “indefinitely,” because it wasn’t “100% safe” yet to stop wearing them.But, soon after insisting it wasn’t 100% safe yet to go maskless in public, Behar was photographed maskless in a New York City restaurant.

Bill Maher had a good segment on China recently. He’s getting red-pilled:

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