Global backlash against Pfizer intensifies as headquarters are surrounded in France

Regardless of your thoughts on the vaccine, there’s no doubt that major vaccine manufacturer Pfizer has a pretty firm stranglehold on the system, which immunity from lawsuits, and what seems like immunity from any criticism in the media.

That narrative dominance is coming to an end, and people are fighting back. In Paris France, thousands of demonstrators surrounded Pfizer headquarters, protesting vaccine mandates.Β 

Check out the insane video:

Pfizer’s mistake wasn’t making a vaccine – it was trying to force everyone to get it, like it or not. It’s not hard to grasp that many people who are not anti-vaccine, are anti-forced vaccine mandates.

Now, the backlash begins. When capitalism colludes with governments to take away freedoms, all bets are off. Check out the Twitter response: