Devin Nunes is quitting in Congress, going to run Trump social media company

Devin Nunes is quitting his congressional post to run President Trump’s social media company.

Politico reports:

Trump Media & Technology Group said in a statement Monday that Nunes would become CEO of the company in January.

“The time has come to reopen the Internet and allow for the free flow of ideas and expression without censorship,” Nunes said in the statement. “The United States of America made the dream of the Internet a reality and it will be an American company that restores the dream.”

In choosing not to remain in Congress, Nunes is achieving on his own terms what California Democrats could not in multiple well-funded attempts to unseat him. A Republican representing California’s agriculture-dominated Central Valley, Nunes has become a primary campaign target for Democrats given Nunes’ loyalty to Trump.

Democrats seeking to unseat Nunes have raised millions of dollars in past cycles — much of it from out of state, underscoring the broader fervor for toppling Nunes. But the lawmaker handily turned back those attempts.

Nunes will do a great job working for President Trump, and it’s an important job that can make a big difference. But he’ll be missed in Congress.