Scary Biden Moment – Massive Voter Fraud PROVED – Biden Takes RADICAL Step

1) ‘Scary’ Biden Moment. Kayleigh McEnany comments:

2) Massive Voter Fraud Scandal Exposed

Last Thursday, the Racine County, Wisconsin sheriff’s office held an hour-long press conference detailing the results of an investigation into a complaint the office received of potential violations of state election law. While leftist media ignored the story, the investigation revealed both blatant violations of state law by election officials and detailed evidence of voter fraud by stealing elderly Americans’ votes.

… we would also be foolish to think that the corporate media will care about election integrity. Absent a very public light being shined on the problem, it will continue unabated, leading to further distrust in our electoral process and the press.

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3) Joe Biden is taking radical action on climate change. But what if he’s wrong? Michael Rubin writes:

…there is no dispute that the climate is changing; it has never been static. While many scientists say the world is warming, even this is not certain . The real question, however, is whether climate change is catastrophic for mankind. Happily, there is no indication it is.

Average global temperatures rose about 0.6 degrees Celsius during the 20th century. Over the same period, life expectancy doubled. Per capita income, meanwhile, increased by almost an order of magnitude, to $6,500. Agriculture flourished. The last century was not alone in human flourishing accompanying warming. The end of the “little ice age ” did not cause a decline in global health. Indeed, the Environmental Protection Agency’s integrated assessment models have shown net benefits of warming through the middle of this century.

While the climate summit’s headliners say that human activity and carbon emissions cause climate change, they cherry-pick evidence. The failure of models to predict accurately suggests a major problem in the theories that Biden and his team embrace as fact.

While Biden declares , “We must listen to science,” he and other grandstanding politicians now appear deaf. True science questions every assumption; it does not seek to shut down debate. The Glasgow conference’s approach to science has more to do with a Dark Age approach in which assumption became religious truth, rather than the Enlightenment’s more genuine approach to knowledge.

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