REVERSAL Stuns Dems – Biden Gets Bad News – Collusion SCANDAL EXPLODES

1) Dems stunned by reversal – Florida suddenly has the lowest per capita rate of Covid in the lower 48. DeSantis for the win!

Blue states have proudly led the nation in retaining COVID-19 mandates that have been outdated since the latter part of 2020. Meanwhile, Texas boasted the fastest economic recovery in the nation and Florida now leads the nation in lowest per capita COVID rates among all continental U.S. states. Only 12 citizens per 100,000 are getting the illness, per the New York Times‘ COVID data.

All made possible without the need for mandates.

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2) Biden gets bad news – another poll is showing him in the 30’s. Guy Benson writes:

I’m not a political messaging guru, but it does seem to me that it may not be in the Democrats’ best interests for the White House Press Secretary to dismiss supply chain pain as people whining about delayed delivery of treadmills, or for the White House Chief of Staff to approvingly amplify spin downplaying inflation as a “high class” problem. But what do I know?

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3) Biden collusion scandal – the White House colluded with school boards to attack parents. Jordan Davidson writes:

President Joe Biden’s White House colluded with the National School Boards Association to launch a war on parents who want to hold their school districts accountable by sharing information the administration thought could be used to justify domestic terrorism charges.

Emails obtained by Parents Defending Education through the Freedom of Information Act indicate that NSBA President Viola Garcia and CEO Chip Slaven conspired and exchanged information with the White House before releasing an official demand from the Biden administration to get federal law enforcement involved in targeting parents.

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