Joe FAILS – Total Humiliation – Nancy Pelosi’s Strange Video – GOP Loses Their Minds

Joe Biden’s domestic agenda is going down in flames, in a humiliating rebuff administered by members of his own party.

The Daily Mail reports:

President Biden suffered an embarrassing setback for his multitrillion dollar spending plans on Thursday night as Democrats abandoned a vote in Congress on his infrastructure bill amid a looming party civil war.

A day of private negotiations and public mudslinging ended shortly before 11pm as Biden’s congressional lieutenants called off the House vote.

It leaves Biden’s $3.5 trillion social spending bill and $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan at the mercy of warring progressives and moderates.

We aren’t in the clear yet – Pelosi could pull this mess together by some miracle, but it’s seeming less and less likely by the moment.

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Nancy Pelosi was acting really strange while talking to the press. Watch the video. It would be speculative to say she was impaired, but she was definitely slurring.

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