150 Russian officials sign open letter calling on Putin to reverse course and end war in Ukraine

Over 150 senior Russian officials signed an open letter addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin condemning the invasion of Ukraine. The letter described the invasion as “an unprecedented atrocity” and that there would be “catastrophic consequences.” 

Those who signed the letter are facing the risk of serious repercussions, but the danger wasn’t enough to stop an incredible number of officials from calling on Putin to reverse course and end the invasion.

The letter presented further proof that Russians aren’t united behind Putin’s invasion, and there is a significant division from the government down to the people.

The letter was delivered after thousands of Russian troops poured across the border, invading Ukraine from both the east and from the north via Belarus.

Unfortunately, due to the fog of war, it is difficult to tell just how much damage has been done and how many casualties have been suffered. However, if the horrifying footage is anything to go by, the war is already taking its toll on both sides.

The letter didn’t just condemn the invasion and call on Putin to do the right thing, the letter also addressed the Russian people.

In the letter, the Russian people were called on to demand peace as “only massive popular condemnation can stop the war.” Putin rules through an iron fist, and if he faces mass uprisings that threaten his hold on power, it could compel him to cease hostilities.